Opportunities in Private Markets

For individuals who qualify to participate in alternative investment funds.
Diversify your portfolio with alternative investments
Evergreen’s Family Office group has made these opportunities available to investors who would not traditionally participate due to high minimums, by pooling client assets.

Alternative investments can help diversify and complement a traditional stock and bond portfolio for high net-worth investors. They offer the opportunity for returns that are independent of equity and bond markets, thus balancing your exposure to traditional markets.  

The Role of Alternative Investments in a Portfolio

Alternative investments have long been used by large institutions and endowments. In recent years, they’ve become more popular among individual investors, but the challenge remains in gaining access.

Evergreen Gavekal has offered various opportunities in the alternative investment area. When used as a complement to traditional investments, they can be a valuable component of a long-term investment plan. Their low correlation with the stock and bond markets helps qualified investors further diversify their portfolio.

*Investing in alternative investments often requires you are an Accredited Investor and/or a Qualified Purchaser.