Family Office

A comprehensive solution for ultra-high-net-worth investors.
Your Private Platform For Family Continuity

Our Family Office is designed to handle complex needs of families looking to create a continuity bridge encompassing their legacy intentions with an overarching goal of growing and transferring wealth across generations.  Our services span four key areas:

Goals & Planning

Achieving your financial objectives requires clearly stated goals and a detailed plan of action. In working with wealthy families, we scrutinize all aspects of your financial situation to create an integrated wealth strategy that coordinates investment considerations with wealth transfer and tax planning. 

  • Lifestyle Plans & Needs 
  • Cash Flow Analysis 
  • Family Legacy  
  • Market Analysis  
Investment Optimization

Your financial health is largely determined by asset allocation and having an appropriate level of liquidity. So it’s important to evaluate whether your investment strategy is staying on track. Is the strategy well-planned for your wealth and stage of life? Are you meeting cash flow needs while minimizing taxes? A financial checkup should include an investment review to see your total financial picture.  

  • Core Investment Allocations  
  • Balance Sheet Review 
  • Alternative Investments 
Legacy & Risk

How can you maximize what you pass along to future generations? Are there organizations to which you wish to leave a legacy or have an impact? It’s important to have a plan for distributing your assets in a calculated way during your lifetime and not only after your death. 

  • Estate Plan Review  
  • Trust Coordination Services  
  • Insurance Analysis 
  • Philanthropic Techniques 
Tax Planning

When investment and tax planning converge, you have the potential to accomplish more with your wealth. We use a holistic and comprehensive approach to evaluate ways to reduce your tax liability for your benefit as well as your heirs. 

  • Team of Experienced CPAs* 
  • Gains/Loss Harvesting  
  • Tax-friendly Investment Vehicles 
  • Estate Planning
  • Return Filing

*Tax services are provided by Evergreen Sterling Kuder. Evergreen Sterling Kuder is a separate entity, which is majority owned by Evergreen Gavekal.

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Your time is valuable. Evergreen’s team of professionals are ready to manage and coordinate your financial affairs, giving you peace of mind that all aspects of your financial health are optimized for your success.