July 1, 2022
Self-Sustainability is the New Black
Quote: “Today is a sad day at [MasterClass]. I made the really hard decision to reduce our team by 20% to adapt to the worsening macro environment and get to self-sustainability faster.” – David Rogier, CEO of MasterClass Self-Sustainability is the New BlackDuring the heat of the latest growth boom, most business operators and investors […]
By: Evergreen Gavekal
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June 24, 2022
Diet and Exercise…
In dieting and investing, it would seem that self-discipline plays a crucial role. So, what does self-discipline mean for investors? I think it can be a number of things, but here are some of the most critical elements as it relates to investment discipline.
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June 17, 2022
Understanding Equity Compensation
Equity compensation is taking up a larger percentage of income for many employees. Company stock can provide incentives and attract top talent, but it can also lead to significant tax implications and employees can end up taking on too much risk in one security.  It is important to understand how these different types of compensation […]
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June 10, 2022
Looking For Silver Linings
As the Cambridge economist Arthur Cecil Pigou once noted, “the era of optimism dies in the crisis, but in dying it gives birth to an era of pessimism.” This could describe most investors’ pivot on China over the past few years.
By: Evergreen Gavekal
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June 3, 2022
The Silver Lining of a Slowdown in Hiring
The Covid-19 pandemic set off a series of chain reactions in the US economy that persist to this day. One of the most consequential – especially for small and medium sized businesses – is how difficult the hiring market has become.
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May 27, 2022
Series I Bonds as an Inflation Hedge
The spike in inflation has created an opportunity for Series I bonds. While interest rates on savings accounts, money markets, and CDs are still near historic lows, these bonds offer a much more attractive rate without taking on much risk. This is an attractive investment opportunity for those that need to invest cash and can […]
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May 20, 2022
Inflation Infatuation
After over a decade of "passive investing" dominance, a shift is underway. Active management rewards investors who can skillfully blend between and shift within different asset classes, a seemingly fruitless exercise until recently. When everything is going up in value, there's little-to-no value in doing so. However, as of late, many Evergreen clients have benefited […]
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May 13, 2022
Market Update: No (Short-Term FED) Pain, No (Long-Term Economic) Gain
In this edition of Evergreen Chartbook, we will discuss the current state of the economy, markets, and our general outlook.
By: Evergreen Gavekal
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May 6, 2022
Handicapping a Recession
No matter who you speak to these days, the big topic in the markets is the same: Are we headed for a recession later this year or next year? This week, we are presenting a podcast with Weiss President and CIO Jordi Visser, who has not been shy about discussing this topic.
By: Evergreen Gavekal
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April 29, 2022
Alternative Investments During Periods of Volatility
Quote:“The premise of saving for 10, 20, 30, 40 years and only having access to daily liquidity products doesn’t make sense.” – Joan Solotar, Global Head of Private Wealth Solutions at Blackstone Inc. Alternative Investments During Periods of VolatilityAlternative investments have long been used as a tool in portfolio construction by large institutions, pensions, and […]
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