Case Studies

At Evergreen Gavekal
we consider ourselves more than just a portfolio manager.

Our care for our clients has allowed us to provide services beyond management of their securities portfolios.  As their trusted adviser and friend, we have assisted clients with coordination of certain life experiences.  The Case Studies below offer examples of our efforts towards working with our clients.

When their company was bought out, our client—a founder of a local fin-tech startup and their spouse—needed assistance managing their newly realized wealth of $100 million. They needed help establishing a new vision for their life in the Pacific Northwest, creating a lifestyle between Seattle and the San Juan Islands. As avid mountain biking and nature enthusiasts, it was essential to the family to set up a fund to invest in companies in the outdoor sports space to give back to the community.

How we helped:

To accomplish our client’s goals, we assisted in securing and developing a property in the San Juan Islands, facilitated lending to upgrade their primary residence in Bellevue, and administered setting up a non-profit and venture capital fund.  We worked with other professionals to coordinate private lending services, trustee services, connections to philanthropy and ultra-high-net worth insurance solutions.

Our client was given the opportunity to invest in a professional sports franchise and requested that Evergreen assess the opportunity.

How we helped:

We leveraged our in-house research to perform a market analysis and demographic research related to the specific sports franchise.  Our evaluation provided our client with the information needed to make the decision to purchase the sports franchise.

One of our many high-net-worth individuals wanted to acquire a private plane to travel between their residence in Seattle and their various vacation homes across the globe.

How we helped:

We participated in discussions with our client and airplane brokers and insurers for the asset.    We also assisted the client in employee and vendor coordination and offered resources for crew management.

Evergreen was one of a few firms chosen to assist the owners and many employees of a local video game company when it was acquired by a large, multi-national entertainment company for an unprecedented valuation. Evergreen educated the novice investors and helped navigate them through a multi-million-dollar exit in a very short timeframe.

How we helped:

We worked with a high-net-worth estate planner in setting up a family trust.  As an investment adviser, we developed a financial plan which included buying a home in a tropical location.  Our affiliated accounting firm assisted in filing taxes-specifically by electing the qualified small business stock exclusion-saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A family-owned company sold their large business asset and suddenly had $20 million of liquidity; they needed an immediate solution to eliminate the FDIC risk of cash sitting in the bank. Like many high-net-worth individuals and families, these clients worked with a neighborhood financial advisor who lacked the necessary wealth management resources. They hired Evergreen to have a firm who could operate in a true fiduciary capacity.

How we helped:

Evergreen focused on the complexity of the clients’ situation and goals. We handled the coordination of their estate, tax, and legacy planning items.


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