Handicapping a Recession

"You can always find data to support your thesis... As people use the "R" word and spend time scaring the hell out of investors [I still believe] a recession is your friend. It's good for the economy...and a good opportunity for investors."
- Weiss President and CIO Jordi Visser


No matter who you speak to these days, the big topic in the markets is the same: Are we headed for a recession later this year or next year? This week, we are presenting a podcast with Weiss President and CIO Jordi Visser, who has not been shy about discussing this topic.

In this episode of In Search of Green Marbles, Mr. Visser articulates the balance of probabilities associated with where stocks, crypto, and bonds are headed. He makes the case that - if we are in fact heading into a recession - that the best opportunity for investors to make money is coming out of a recession.

In Search of Green Marbles: Handicapping a Recession

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