Breaking News on the Debt Ceiling

In this episode of Coffee with Evergreen, Jeff Otis interviews co-CIO Jeff Dicks to discuss a very relevant topic: the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling/limit restricts how much the federal government can borrow to pay its bill and how it can allocate funds for future investments. The debt limit has been raised or suspended numerous times to avoid a default by the US government on its debt. However, the US is getting close to reaching that borrowing limit, which, if it does, would be an unprecedented event. Some of the questions they look to answer are:

  • What are the implications if we do default on our debts? Who will see the impacts of these effects?
  • Both parties have different conditions for raising the debt ceiling. What is the difference between them? What happens if a deal is not reached?
  • Can hitting the debt ceiling be avoided without Congressional action?
  • How is Evergreen preparing for this?