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A unique wealth management approach for founders, owners, and executives
Customized Solutions
As an entrepreneur, you have spent tremendous energy and time to build a successful business. Your complex financial life, with a significant portion of your personal wealth concentrated in the business, demands customized planning. Evergreen offers solutions to utilize the assets of the business for the betterment of your family and personal life.
Get Empowered with an Advisory Team

It’s essential to consider the complexity and time involved in planning and executing your business succession strategy. Evergreen and its affiliates have a proud history of partnering with owners through various stages of starting out, building, and exiting. Our tax team at Evergreen Sterling Kuder has specialized in small and medium-sized businesses for over 35 years. Forming a team of advisors will set the path to financial freedom.

Create a Financial Plan

We take a deep dive into your current financial picture. It is important to assess where you are now and how to move forward with the most impactful improvements to your financial life. Our Wealth Consultants specialize in the complexities unique to affluent individuals and families. We review objectives such as core values, family needs, philanthropy and charitable work, estate and tax planning, next venture desires, and other aspects of financial independence and lifestyle enhancement.

Investment Optimization

Our dedicated portfolio management and research teams work with your advisor to build a custom mix of both traditional and alternative investments. Private investments provide a unique compliment to clients’ portfolios. Evergreen has partnered with notable private equity firms as well as more localized exposure through Seattle VC opportunities. These investments focus on various objectives, from private lending to disruptive technology ideas and more. We will create a personalized portfolio in accordance with your goals and risk tolerance.

Planning for an Exit

Evergreen takes a proactive approach to optimizing a business’ value and planning for a liquidity event. We’ll help you uncover your options by assessing the following:

  • The company’s profitability and transition readiness
  • Timeline to sell
  • Strength of executive team
  • Ideal buyer(s)
  • How lucrative each exit option is
  • Decentralizing the company
Certified Exit Planning

Planning with a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) can help business owners plan for and execute successful business succession and exits by assessing the business, creating a customized exit plan, connecting with a network of professionals, and assisting with the execution of the plan. By working with a CEPA, business owners can maximize the value of their business and achieve their financial and personal goals.

Did you know?

Working with an advisor who is well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities you face can provide comfort along the way. With a majority of your net worth being illiquid; locked up in private business interests, your financial plan will look different and cover more ground.

Top Three Goals
  • Assess the gap between cash flow needs and projected income
  • Mitigating risk in over-concentrated investments
  • Tactically adjust investments around business and economic environment
New research indicates
  • 51% of the present American business market is under the ownership of Baby Boomers, poised to transition within the next decade.
  • Only 20 to 30% of businesses entering the market manage to secure sales, leaving as many as 80% of them without viable avenues to preserve their wealth and sustain economic stability for the upcoming generations.
Not all business owners are looking for retirement planning
  • Many are looking to establish a financial safety net or augment their lifestyle with their newfound wealth. An analysis of your financial situation post-exit can also help clarify what is possible in your next chapter.
  • A prepared owner with an appealing business significantly boosts the likelihood of the business successfully transitioning to new ownership.
Evergreen caters to vast interests. Every founder comes to us with a different set of needs and we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions that encompasses their specific strategy and legacy intentions. The overarching goal is to grow and transfer wealth. Learn about some of the business owners we have helped.
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