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Developing Your Financial Game Plan
Evergreen takes a comprehensive wealth management approach that looks at the entirety of your financial picture. We then collaborate with you to create a customized plan designed to guide your financial life and be adjusted and revisited through all of life’s changes. Enjoy the confidence in knowing that you have a partner in all areas of your financial life.

Client-advisor fit is critical to a lasting and productive relationship. Mutual trust and respect drives everything that we do and clearly defining compatibility up front is at the heart of it.

Speak with one of our Wealth Consultants so we can get to know each other. In this meeting, we’ll ask about your goals, needs and your previous approach to investing. And, of course, you’re welcome to ask us any questions as well. 


We take a deep dive into your current financial picture. It’s important to assess where you are now and how your investment portfolio can be optimized for the various needs and time-horizons relevant to you. Armed with your information, we’ll build a custom portfolio that takes into account your personalized objectives. 


With the planning roadmap in hand, we’ll set about implementing the various components. Your dedicated team will build out an asset mix that is optimized for you, using a variety of investment strategies.


A plan isn’t cast in concrete. As your life unfolds and as markets change, your plan will need to be updated. You’ll meet with your Evergreen Wealth Consultant on a regular basis to assess and re-align together. 


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Evergreen Partner, Jeff Otis, is part owner of Matthew's Winery in Woodinville.
Evergreen Partner, Jeff Otis, enjoys coaching his son’s 13U select baseball team and rooting for his two daughters in competitive cheer.

Evergreen’s multigenerational team is committed to our clients and what they care about most. That is why we have assembled a variety of financial professionals to ensure clients are equipped with the resources necessary to make informed decisions, regardless of which area of their financial life issues touch. Experience alongside determination means that our clients benefit from individualized solutions crafted by knowledgeable professionals.

Evergreen Gavekal serves high-net-worth individuals, families, and endowments. We align best with clients who seek a pragmatic approach and carefully measured guidance on their investments and financial affairs.

While many retail investors dedicate hours to staying up to date with financial markets and selecting names for their stock portfolio, very few have the command of income markets necessary to run a retirement portfolio. Finding yield today requires expert guidance and a broad mix of income securities.


Trustees use Evergreen's portfolio strategies to build truly custom investment solutions. As a fiduciary, it is your goal to uphold that standard in all ways. As an RIA*, we understand how to manage assets with this standard in mind.

For families with complex dynamics or highly-specific desires around wealth transfer and charitable impact, we work with estate planners to make investment recommendations that best serve a client's trust plan.


If your financial reality has changed practically overnight due to a sudden wealth event, you likely will not be aware of all the steps to take to protect your assets, manage high net-worth tax complexities, or optimize asset allocation. The help you receive should be tailored to you, as well as time-tested. We have worked with countless families in your situation and can direct your next moves.


Liquidity events can be overwhelming, especially if you did not have the time to prepare. While a sudden influx of cash is good problem to have, you should not feel rushed into investment decisions nor leave uninsured cash in the bank. Evergreen provides a "parking place" investment strategy while we help you to iron out the details at your own pace to set long-term objectives for your money.


If one thing is certain in life, it is challenge. When it comes to losing a spouse, divorce, or a significant health event, all of your energy becomes dedicated to picking up the pieces. Financial realities can fall by the wayside and many people choose to partner with an advisor who looks out for their best interests and can manage complex responsibilities.


Evergreen has a long and proud history of partnering with business owners through the various stages of starting out, building, and exiting. Our tax team has specialized with SMBs for nearly 40 years.

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