June 6, 2024
529 Plan to Roth IRA Rollovers
529 plans are powerful tools that allow family members and loved ones to save for a child's education tax-efficiently. These accounts offer strategic education planning opportunities, but determining the amount to fund has proved challenging, as balances not used for qualified education expenses are subject to penalties and income taxes. The latest legislation, Secure Act […]
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May 23, 2024
US Housing At A Key Juncture
The US housing market is humming along nicely, with both construction and sales doing well. New-build prices have stabilized and those of existing homes continue to rise. Such resilience in the face of a long monetary tightening cycle has surprised plenty of commentators, including myself, but it is clear that positive effects from housing are […]
By: Tan Kai Xian
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May 16, 2024
Private Equity (PE) Strings Together Victories Despite Headwinds
Leveraged buyouts (LBOs) and private equity deals face challenges in today’s expensive borrowing environment. However, Permira grabbed headlines this week when the London-based Private Equity firm announced its intent to acquire website builder Squarespace. The deal, valued at $6.9 billion, is the second-largest leveraged buyout of 2024, underscoring a continued appetite for acquisitions within the […]
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May 9, 2024
Roth IRAs:  Retirement & Legacy Planning Strategies
Roth IRAs are a great tool for retirement and passing on wealth because they offer tax advantages and flexibility. By including them in your financial plan, you can grow your money tax-free, diversify your income in retirement, plan your estate better, and easily access funds when needed. While some people can't contribute due to income […]
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May 3, 2024
Economic Uncertainty and the Evolution of Monetary Policymaking
Introduction All eyes were squarely focused on the Federal Reserve this week, as markets whiplashed between several unknowns. Would recent inflation and payroll data nudge the Fed towards a more hawkish stance? Would the Fed signal that it believes it’s losing its fight to bring inflation towards its target rate of 2%? Are rate cuts still on the table this year? Jerome Powell, Chairman […]
By: Evergreen Gavekal
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April 25, 2024
A Question To Challenge The Deflationary Mindset
The rise in US treasury yields this year initially caused the usual casualties: the yen, won, euro, and British pound. From exchange rates, it seems that the US interest rate wrecking ball is now wreaking destruction among richly-valued technology stocks. Recent trading sessions have seen a vicious rotation in equity markets. It’s not every day […]
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April 18, 2024
Quarterly Market Update - April 2024
This week's newsletter features a presentation by Evergreen's Co-Chief Investment Officer, Jeff Dicks. He reflects on the first quarter of 2024 and reviews the investment committee's market outlook in 27 charts. In addition to these insights, Jeff also discusses key themes to pay attention to for the remainder year. DISCLOSURE: Securities highlighted or discussed in this […]
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April 11, 2024
Optimizing Charitable Contributions: Find the Most Effective Giving Strategy
In navigating the landscape of charitable giving, individuals often find themselves contemplating the most efficient and impactful means of supporting causes that resonate with them. Determining the optimal way to donate is not just about the amount contributed but also about the effectiveness of the contribution. Factors such as administrative costs, transparency, and the direct […]
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March 28, 2024
What The Fed Did Next
So far this year, we have seen US inflation repeatedly beat expectations, US gasoline prices creep higher, gold break out to new all-time highs, feverish speculation in crypto and parts of the equity market, bonds sell off, and the US dollar roll over. Now copper has suddenly broken out of its recent trading range. And […]
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March 21, 2024
Tech Giants Bet on the Next Growth Frontier
India's economic trajectory has been nothing short of extraordinary, with tailwinds propelling its growth story forward at an unprecedented rate. The latest GDP data, released at the end of February, highlighted robust 8.4% year-over-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2023. This marks the third consecutive quarter where India has recorded growth rates exceeding 8%, […]
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