October 19, 2023
Lessons from Owning a Professional Sports Team
According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the dream of playing professional sports is achieved by less than 2% of all college athletes. While becoming a professional athlete is undoubtably an exclusive club that takes immense amounts of grit, skill, and hard work, perhaps one of – if not the – most exclusive club […]
By: Evergreen Gavekal
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October 5, 2023
The Sustainability of US Debt (Part One)
A political deal may have been cobbled together to keep the US government operating until November, but on Monday treasuries kept selling off. As investors game out what the funding deal means for monetary policy, they are unlikely to find succor in the US’s poor fiscal outlook. Some analysts blame this fiscal deterioration on past […]
By: Will Denyer
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September 28, 2023
IPO Market Gains Momentum
Activity in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) market plays a pivotal role in guiding private market companies and investors alike. While IPO activity all but dried up in 2022, the IPO market has shown signs of life in 2023. In 2022, a meager 71 IPOs managed to raise $7.7 billion in proceeds in the United […]
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September 21, 2023
A Guide to Advanced Medical Directives
Advanced Medical Directives help articulate healthcare preferences and designate trusted advocates to make crucial decisions on your behalf when you cannot do so. These documents are a vital component of any well-drafted estate plan. This article summarizes common directives and considerations for drafting and reviewing these instructions and appointments. We recommend reviewing these documents every […]
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September 7, 2023
What Are Banks Saying?
If money represents the lifeblood of the economic world, then commercial banks are the beating heart that pump it around the system. This is why several Gavekal indicators—notably our velocity indicator—are built around the absolute and relative performance of bank stocks. One rule of thumb states that a country or region in which bank stocks […]
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August 31, 2023
Is Hardware Really That Hard?
The following article was originally published on by Evergreen Gavekal's Technology Advisor, Michael Johnston. There’s an overused cliché in the tech world that “hardware is hard.” The sentiment is often used to emphasize the perceived differences between building a hardware company versus a software company. The argument that “hardware is hard” usually centers around the fact […]
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August 24, 2023
Reviewing Your Will
Your estate plan is an ever-evolving set of documents. Reviewing your will is an essential part of ensuring your legacy plan reflects life transitions as well as shifts in tax and estate law. We recommend evaluating your legacy goals and reviewing estate documents every 3-5 years. Below are a few questions to ask when reading […]
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August 17, 2023
Strong Economic Momentum Leads to New Bull Market for Stocks
This edition of Evergreen Chartbook was recorded in a webinar format where Co-Chief Investment Officer Jeff Dicks discusses key charts driving this year's resurging stock market, current risks facing financial markets, and how Evergreen is positioning client portfolios.  DISCLOSURE: Securities highlighted or discussed in this communication are mentioned for illustrative purposes only and are not a recommendation […]
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August 10, 2023
Will Soft Landing Expectations Propel Markets to New Highs?
This week, we're presenting a thoughtful conversation between David Rosenberg, Founder and President of Rosenberg Research, and David Hay, co-CIO of Evergreen Gavekal. During the discussion, the two talk about recession indicators, investment implications, and whether soft landing expectation will propel markets to new highs. The discussion was recorded on July 18th, 2023 and is moderated by […]
By: Evergreen Gavekal
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August 3, 2023
US Treasuries’ ‘Risk-Free’ Status
In downgrading US government debt from AAA to AA+, Fitch cited a fiscal deterioration in the next three years, a growing general debt burden and bad governance due to repeated political standoffs over the debt ceiling issue. Coming a day after the US Treasury said new debt issuance would rise to US$1,007bn in 3Q23, up […]
By: Tan Kai Xian
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